It is the responsibility of Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours to ensure that both pick-up and drop-off addresses and locations are accurate and complete with all necessary information to ensure the correct provision of the service. Correction of any errors made during the booking process will be subject to our Changes and Cancellations policy.

Our staff has the right, on behalf of the local Supplier, to reject any booking request generated. In the event that this booking request cannot be assigned to a Supplier, we will send an email to inform you in a timely manner. For cases where payment is made by credit or debit card, the customer confirms that all details provided are correct, that the credit or debit card being used is owned by the direct customer and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the service. We reserve the right to obtain validation of the credit or debit card details prior to providing the service. If validation cannot be obtained and payment is not made, Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation on behalf of the Supplier.

Type of vehicle and description: please note that when booking a private transfer, this can be provided in any type of vehicle from a range (selected) we guarantee that the assigned vehicle is exact to the one that can be informed at the time of booking, if there are changes we first inform the client and wait for his approval, in case the client does not accept, we proceed with the cancellation of the reservation and refund the money already paid.

If the reservation is made through our platform, these will be attached to the invoice generated by this means and that Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours must deliver to the client. If the reservation is made and managed by other means, it will be the responsibility of Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours to notify these conditions to the client by the means intended for this  purpose.

Rates and Payment

The price that applies for any service is the price shown on our website on the date and time the reservation is made. It is possible that after the reservation is made, a correction may be requested and the price shown may not be accepted in cases where the product selected does not correspond to the correct data of the service to be provided at destination. In such cases, customers will be informed so that the pertinent correction can be made, and in all cases customers may decide whether to accept the new conditions and make a new reservation or whether to cancel the reservation, in which case 100% of the amount initially paid will be refunded if payment has already been made.

Modifications and Cancellations by the Client

Through the platform it will be possible to make corrections that do not modify the initially agreed rate, such as increasing the number of passengers until the capacity of the initially reserved vehicle accepts it, modification of arrival or departure time of the flight (in case that in this destination there is no difference in rate between day and nighttime if the change is made between these times), modification of contact information of the main passenger (name, contact telephone), arrival or departure flight numbers or arrival or pick up hotel. In case the modification generates an increase in the fare, the initially generated reservation must be cancelled and a new one must be made. All changes can be managed directly by the client 48 hours prior to the transfer. For a shorter time, please contact Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours customer service team to validate if it is possible to make the change and it does not generate extra-costs.

Cancellations, Refunds and Returns.

The client will receive a signed and stamped credit note, which can be used within a maximum period of (1) one year from its issuance, and does not represent a refund of cash. In case of loss of the credit note, it will not be refunded or valid.

The client must present an invoice or supporting payment for the credit note to be issued.


  • In reservations made on tours and transfers that regularly require full payment in order to secure the space; In case the client decides to cancel the tour or transfer, 75% of the cost of the tour or transfer will be refunded. This cancellation will be valid, if requested within 24 hours. The remaining 25% will be for operating expenses.

If the client cancels before 24 hours, he will receive a refund of the total amount paid for the reserved service.

The term to use the credit note may vary according to the contracted service.


If the client does not show up to receive the contracted or reserved service, he will be charged / penalized for the total amount paid. The client will not be able to demand any type of refund or return, so Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours is not responsible for any inconvenience that may arise.


  • Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours is not responsible for cancellations that have been made through hotel representatives or in any other way than the Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours customer service staff. The client must contact us via email at or WhatsApp +1 829-902-2245 to process any cancellation.

Cancellations must be made in writing via e-mail: ( or WhatsApp +1 829-902-2245). Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. In any case where a refund corresponds for services canceled within the allowed periods, Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours will make said refunds only to the same credit card used when booking. In any case where cancellation charges apply, Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours will cancel said reservation according to the client’s request, calculate the expenses and inform them via e-mail.

Modifications and Cancellations by Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours

In case our service team needs to modify or cancel a transfer for any special reason, we will inform you in a timely manner and we will try to present different alternatives that do not generate an extra-cost. In the event that an extra-cost does arise, we will inform you and validate to understand if it is acceptable to modify the reservation with these new conditions. In any case, this will be the responsibility that our company assumes with our clients for this type of events.

Responsibility of Punta Cana DR Transfer & Tours

Our responsibility is limited to the publication of rates and information of the products and services that our company commercializes through our platform, to deliver the confirmation of the reservation generated to our clients in no less than 24 hours through email and to notify our clients immediately if there is any change that is required necessary by Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours.

Tours or other services

Punta Cana Dr Transfer & Tours accepts no responsibility for the information it transfers to bona fide local suppliers on behalf of clients. Our staff accepts no responsibility for illness, injury, death or any loss of any kind in events occurring during the performance of any service. This includes loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings that any passenger may have with them. Any claim in this regard must be handled between the client and the local transportation provider or be covered by contracted insurance.